GrandCare Systems


GrandCare Systems has specialized in quality assistance technology since 1993. Driving innovation is a core belief in the right to age with dignity.

Families, professional in-home caregivers, long-term care facilities and informal caregivers benefit from the advanced monitoring and communication systems made possible through GrandCare Systems technology.

What are “GrandCare Systems”?

GrandCare Systems are simple, completely unobtrusive monitoring and communication systems.

Homecare Connect offers GrandCare Systems TechnologyTheir purpose is to provide accurate, timely information and communication without compromising dignity or privacy. This reduces stress and creates peace of mind all around.

Behind each system is GrandCare’s unique combination of remote environmental sensing, passive physiological sensing, artificial intelligence, and networking technologies.

GrandCare Systems offer even more than safety and peace of mind. They are also specially designed to address common loneliness and social isolation. An elder-friendly communication station keeps loved-ones connected and engaged with the entire family, no matter where they live.

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