Standard Systems Include…

Wellness Reporting – (weight, blood pressure) Activity of Daily Living (ADL) Alerts (changes in daily routine trigger automatic phone call, email or text) Small door & window sensors for senior monitoring of ADL

Communication to Loved-One (family sends email/pictures from internet direct to easy touchscreen) and between Caregivers & Family (restricted online access, reduces routine calls)

Seniors can view family messages, pictures and email without a computer


Cognitive Tools (trivia, picture matching, calendar, reminders, games, etc.)

Seniors keep their minds sharp with games and cognitive tools







“Home Base” for Communication Only (internet communication tool, extended family or friend use)

Home Base model

Loved-ones need no training or technical know-how to use any of our systems. Family and caregivers benefit from a brief, complimentary orientation to fully utilize the system’s wide range of benefits.

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